Derti Girls 

  • Derti Girls

    Every month
    An accountability and mentor group for women
    • Bi weekly group call
    • 24/7 access to private, group chat
    • In person private events

$15 will be automatically charged to your original payment method each month. Cancellations require 30 day notice before your next draft.

Derti Girls is an online community of women dedicated to discovering the best version of themselves through making themselves a priority.

Derti Girls are intentionally living our lives to create habits that will lead us to feeling confident and successful as women, wives, and moms.

The Derti Girls community is to motivate, inspire, and support each other through the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks of living a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy life. 

We meet biweekly via zoom call to discuss, support, and problem solve with each other through the hardships of being a woman, wife, and mom. 

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