Derti Girls

Derti Girls is a community of women dedicated to discovering the best version of themselves through making themselves a priority.

Derti Girls are intentionally living our lives to create habits that will lead us to feeling confident and successful as women, wives, and moms.

The Derti Girls community is to motivate, inspire, and support each other through the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks of living a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy life.


Group Calls

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We meet biweekly via zoom call to discuss, support, and problem solve with each other through the hardships of being a woman, wife, and mom. 


1:1 Coaching

Work with Kati 1:1 to break free from the life society has told you, you should live and build the confidence to live the life you have always dreamed of.

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Online Course (coming soon!)

Stay tuned for my online course that will help you unlock the power you carry with you that will allow you the freedom to live your best life!

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 "I started Derti girls because I know what its like to feel misunderstood. I also never had a safe space to be who I was without judgement. No matter how people appear on the outside, everyone has a story to tell. We are all fighting battles behind the smiles. It is my purpose to help people feel heard and loved and bring peace and healing."


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